Fortified staple foods hold
the key to ending malnutrition.


They say it takes 10 000 hours to develop expertise. That’s a decade of your time to become a leader. But we can’t wait for you that long, and nor can our cause.

We empower you with the knowledge, product and equipment to fortify produce of the highest quality. We catapult you into becoming a fortification leader.

We do this so that the staple foods you produce don’t only adhere to regulations, they deeply nourish the people who consume them. It’s easy if you know how!


Millhouse is the only African-owned manufacturer of vitamin and micronutrient blends. We operate from a specially commissioned plant in the Dube Trade Free Zone in South Africa. As a result, our clients benefit from significant cost-savings and production efficiencies. Our local base allows us to supply and support clients throughout Africa. We’re accessible and agile, responding to our clients’ needs with ease.


Millhouse is managed by its founder, André Redinger. André grew up on his family’s sugar farm in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal. His childhood was spent running barefoot through the kraal (local village), learning and working alongside the Zulu community he considered family.

His exposure to the work ethic and humility of this community (in spite of the hardships they regularly faced) instilled André’s lifelong passion for upliftment through agricultural innovation. His commitment to this cause is embodied in Millhouse’s pioneering business model of fuelling knowledge, fortifying foods and feeding programmes.

André passionately believes in owning a supply chain to produce commodities that serve local communities. He believes that this optimises nutritional value, accessibility and affordability. In so doing, the quality and spirit of the produce stays local. As do the profits, which help fund Andre’s efforts to combat malnourishment in Africa through his philanthropic organisations: Lodestar Centre of Excellence and Southern Lodestar Foundation.



We face our challenges with steadiness and courage, confidant in our ability to achieve our big and audacious mission.

Outstanding Quality

We aspire to being the best in everything we do. This is reflected in our people, processes, partners and end products.


We learn and respect the unique cultural, political and regulatory nuances of each country we operate in.


We create and maintain relationships that are underpinned by authenticity, service excellence and shared value.


Everything we do is geared towards achieving our purpose of liberation through nutrition.


Our word and our commitments are sacred to us. We are steadfast in our ideals and principled in our actions.