Imagine an Africa where everyone
gets the sustenance they need to thrive


Our purpose is to liberate through nutrition. To provide people across Africa with the life-sustaining nutrients they need to thrive.

We do this by properly fortifying staple foods, because there’s no better vehicle to nourish our nations than the foods we all consume on a daily basis.

By making these foods nutritional, accessible and affordable, we can eliminate malnutrition in Africa. And its people can fulfil their potential.

Millhouse is a brand built on strong foundations of purpose. Absolutely everything we do is designed to end malnutrition in Africa, as quickly as possible. Supplying a high-quality product is therefore just the tip of our iceberg. We can’t only supply premix and leave our clients to work out the rest. We help them set up a turnkey fortification operation so that the staple foods leaving their factory are fortified with excellence.

We are as invested in their success as we are with our own. If our clients don’t fortify and distribute high-quality foods to their citizens, malnutrition will prevail…and we simply will not allow that to happen! We walk the extra mile with our clients- providing them a level of support and care our competitors couldn’t imagine offering. Our clients’ success is our highest priority; because if they succeed, so do we.


Our brand purpose isn’t just a nice-sounding phrase. We created the Southern Lodestar Foundation and Lodestar Centre of Excellence to support Millhouse in building a system of impact that helps us live our purpose every day.


The Lodestar Centre of Excellence is a centralised knowledge hub and training network. We work with global leaders in food security and nutrition, sharing our collective IP through hands-on training for key industry stakeholders across Africa.


Millhouse applies global expertise to the formulation of premium micronutrient and vitamin blends. We support our clients through specialised equipment and software that guarantees a superior end-product.


The Southern Lodestar Foundation manufactures and distributes fortified staple foods to hungry children across South Africa. Our goal is to serve 1 million meals to those in need on a daily basis.