South African Operations


We founded Millhouse in 2010, our primary service being a producer and distributor of vitamin blends and blends to sub-Saharan Africa.

We are fully incorporated in Botswana, to serve our client base and partners in sub-Saharan Africa.



We have the following infrastructure to enable us to achieve our goals

  • Packaging plant to package 5000 tons of sugar per month.
  • Fortification plant to manufacture enough vitamin A blend to fortify 4 million tons of sugar per annum.
  • Laboratory facilities to test and maintain high standard of products.
  • Research and Development Centre for new product development, such as our Child Vita- Mineral range.
  • Training and accommodation facilities to host different groups, including:
    • People from key government departments, for example on the importance of food fortification as part of a national and regional food and nutrition security policy.
    • Clients, on the application and testing of our blendes, and the relevant ISO training.
    • Clients, to capacitate them to train others on healthy eating, healthy environments and healthy living.
    • Students, selected by clients, to learn the basics of food fortification and practical application in the work place and within the community.

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